• European elections on the 22-25 of May



  • Over the past five years the European Parliament held 76 sessions

  • During the 7th legislature, the European Parliament voted 970 legislative acts and 1754 non-legislative acts in plenary sessions

  • Choose who's in charge in Europe

  • Use your power

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National Parliamentary Channels

Hellenic Parliament TV

Hellenic Parliament TV is a Greek network dedicated to airing non-stop coverage of government proceedings and public affairs programming. The network also features non-political type programming just like documentaries, films, theatre, dance, opera and classic music.

Oireachtas TV

Oireachtas TV is the official TV of the Irish parliament, presenting the activities of the House.

Parlament Televízió
Parlament Televízió is the Hungarian Parliament television. It presents the activities of the parliament and european and international news.
Polish Parliament TV

Polish Parliament TV is the television channel of the national polish parliament which airs all the governmental policies.

About a third of TVP's income comes from a broadcast receiver licence, while the rest is covered by commercials and sponsorships.


Scottish Parliament TV

Parliament TV is the web TV of the Scottish Parliament. It offers live and archive videos and a weekly program on recent parliamentary business


The TV channel of the Lithuanian Parliament, focusing mainly on news from the lithuanian and european parliamentary work.