Migration crisis: Seeking a solution for the EU and its neighbours

01'02" 15/03/2016
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A daily struggle in need of a long-term, unified response from Europe. But what should this response look like? We ask MEP Roberta Metsola her view.
The report in its title talks about the Mediterranean so it is natural that we also focused a lot on the current challenges facing the EU's neighbourhood. And of course one cannot not discuss what is going on in Syria and how the European Union and the international community, it's important to stress the international community, has failed to actually resolve the crisis in Syria as a result of which people are still continuing to flee and people are going to continue to flee for as long as the crisis continues.

It is natural that the Dublin Regulation has very negative connotations because what it places is a disproportionate burden on States that are at the periphery, in other words, the Member State of first entry which remains responsible for each particular asylum seeker throughout that person's stay in the European Union. We agree in the EU Parliament that this must change.