Warnings that EU gun control rules could backfire

01'25" 15/03/2016
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MEPs look to strike the balance between preventing terrorist access to firearms and the rights of collectors and hunters.
The EU has gun controls in its line of sight, trying to push through Parliament stricter controls on museums and collectors, on buying firearms online and marking parts. The idea: to limit the ability of terrorists and criminals to rebuild deactivated weapons and shift them across borders. We have traceability at national level, but the moment a weapon leaves one EU country and is taken to another, this traceability breaks down and that encourages illegal traffic. On Tuesday, the Internal Market Committee invited leading experts to a hearing into the impact of legislation proposed by the Commission, and prompted by last year’s attacks in France.

Few were happy, neither so the Committee Chair who described it as poorly drafted.
If we were to just pass the Commission’s proposals un-amended, that would have significant impacts on museums, collectors, historians, let alone sports and hunting interests and let alone the military reserve in some countries. So we need to work to amend those proposals.
Vicky Ford
European Conservatives and Reformists Group
MEPs want a better balance between the fight against terrorism and the rights of those with a legitimate case to hold firearms.