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Parliament News | Interview

Interviews with Members and also coverage of VIPs visiting Parliament.

Parliament news | Debates

Debates from our Forum series see Members, experts and citizens discussing key events in Europe

Parliament News | Magazines

Our magazine programmes - Focus and Crossborder - look every week from different perspectives at issues facing Europeans.

Young Parliament | Backstage

Backstage gives young people a behind the scenes look at the European Parliament.

Young Parliament | A-Z

A to Z tackles - through a series of key words -  aspects of European integration.

Young Parliament | Eureka

Eureka shows the key steps which have led the EU to where it is today.

Young Parliament | Let's Talk

Let's Talk allows young people to meet politicians and engage on current issues.

Discover Parliament | History

History: takes viewers down memory lane to explore key past moments of the life of the institution.

Discover Parliament | Political Groups

Political groups is a series profiling the political families currently represented in the house.

Discover Parliament | How it works

How it works explains the sometimes complex proceedings of the European Parliament in short thematic videos.

Discovering the Parliament | Flashback

Flashback wraps up important pieces of legislation and what they mean in practical terms

Discover Parliament | Starting Point

Starting point takes a look at recently adopted proposals that will come up on Parliament's agenda.