Cross-border portability 01:29 News

Streaming without borders: new rules for online content

Economy - 17.05.2017 17:36

Border checkpoints for Europeans may be a thing of the past, but what about the borders that exist online? A new legislation adopted by the European Parliament allows consumers to take their online content with them wherever they go in the EU.

Surgeons performing surgery with medical devices. 03:33

Medical devices: Better regulation for Europe

Economy - 04.04.2017 10:00

French breast implant manufacturer PIP's decision to put dangerous gels in their products is one example of recent scandals involving medical devices. The European Parliament wants greater scrutiny on the industry. New legislation enforces stricter regulation and encourages innovation. In vitro diagnostic medical devices lead to better treatment and improve the health of EU citizens.

Two miners wearing torches and sitting on the mine floor. 04:23

Conflict minerals: The truth behind your smartphone

Economy - 17.03.2017 10:02

We all use electronic devices like mobile phones, but where do the materials that make them come from? Tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold are the four most common 'conflict minerals', known collectively as 3TGs. Their mining causes insecurity and human rights abuses in many regions. Armed groups clash over their illegal trade. Fairphone is one manufacturer which takes responsibility to ensure its supply chains extract minerals lawfully. The European Parliament is pushing for more transparency in supply chains through mandatory OECD due diligence systems.

A bulldozer scoops up waste in a warehouse 04:31

Circular economy: The space we waste

Economy - 13.03.2017 09:00

If a loaf of bread goes stale you throw it in the bin, but where does it go from there? In a linear economy it goes into landfills - large spaces dedicated to excess waste. The European Parliament wants to move towards a circular economy model. Companies like Jaw Brew turn stale bread into beer. Better waste management and resource productivity yields more positive results for the economy and environment.

Waste image 02:43 News

How to deal with Europe's waste?

Economy - 09.03.2017 20:02

Europe needs to reduce landfills and food waste, handle and recycle packaging waste better : these are the main goals of the "Waste Package" to be adopted by the European Parliament at its March session in Strasbourg.

Manufacture 02:06 News

MEPs push for carbon trading reform

Economy - 14.02.2017 18:34

The European cap-and-trade system is the first of its kind in the world to tackle carbon emissions with free market tools...and it direly needs an update. Ian Duncan, the Parliament’s rapporteur on the project, is spearheading negotiations for urgent reforms.

CETA infographics 01:30 News

EU Parliament set to vote on trade deal with Canada

Economy - 09.02.2017 18:00

On February 15, 2017 the European Parliament votes on the historic EU-Canada trade deal, CETA. The agreement is set to boost Europe's trade income by some 11.6 billion euros a year, and Canada's by 8.2 billion euros.

Mexican migrant Montserrat. 02:42

Common goals: Migration

Economy - 01.02.2017 20:12

The refugee crisis highlights differing opinions to migration among Member States. The European Union is working to fairly distribute refugees across Europe. Migration is important to the EU's economic future. Just ask Mexican migrant Montserrat, who came from Mexico to work in Germany through the EU Blue Card scheme.

The bureau 00:56

Investigating the bureau: A European Parliament body

Economy - 13.01.2017 19:12

The bureau is involved in the financial, administrative and organisational matters of the European Parliament. And yet, I bet you still feel like you don't know enough about it. Who is part of the bureau? And what exactly are they responsible for? This animation demystifies an influential wing of the European project.