Panama papers 01:44 News

Panama Papers: finance ministers in the hot seat

Economy - 12.07.2017 10:54

Several EU finance ministers faced questions by a Parliamentary inquiry committee set up to investigate the revelations of the so-called Panama Papers – a trove of 11.5 million leaked documents from the world's fourth biggest offshore law firm. Politicians and public figures were among those named. The finance ministers discussed the problems in their countries and what's being done about them.

A graphic related to passenger rights, which depicts luggage against the backdrop of a man sitting on a beach beside the sea. 01:09

Your rights while travelling in Europe

Economy - 07.07.2017 13:02

Have you ever experienced a delay or cancellation? Find out more about your EU passenger rights when travelling within Europe. You may be entitled to anything from refreshments to compensation. Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility enjoy additional rights too.

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Planned obsolescence: Why things don't last

Economy - 29.06.2017 16:00

In the fight against planned obsolescence, the European Parliament wants to set minimum resistance criteria for products and better inform consumers about their durability. The aim is to encourage repair and reduce waste. The good news ? 77% of consumers in the EU would rather fix broken products than buy new ones.

economy 01:29 News

Tackling trade dumping

Economy - 20.06.2017 12:00

Imports from outside the EU reached €468.2 billion in the first quarter of 2017. To avoid unfair competition for European businesses and workers, fines are imposed on third countries deemed to be “dumping” goods into the EU market. The European Parliament is looking at a new methodology for calculating anti-dumping duties, where “significant market distortions” are the basis for calculations.

infographics 01:27 News

EU Blue Card: filling the skills gap

Economy - 15.06.2017 12:00

EU Member States are facing employment shortages in a number of key sectors: Europe could need up to 756,000 skilled ICT workers and around a million healthcare professionals by 2020. A revised EU Blue Card aims to attract the world's best and brightest.

An animated graphic highlighting the end of roaming surcharges in 2017. 00:36 News

End of roaming

Economy - 14.06.2017 16:47

Why should it cost extra to call friends and family from another EU country? As of June 2017, roaming surcharges are abolished in Europe. The European Parliament has fought for this ban by consistently capping charges since 2007. Now you can call, text or surf from anywhere in the EU for the same price as at home.

Pollution 01:28 News

Effort sharing: driving Europe's ambitious climate goals

Economy - 13.06.2017 17:18

The European Union has set ambitious targets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. European lawmakers are poring through the EU’s largest climate tool, the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR). This law covers some 60% of the EU’s greenhouse gases.

Animation 01:17 News

Digital Europe: On the cusp of 5G

Economy - 01.06.2017 09:00

The EU wants to be a truly digital economy and be at the forefront of transitioning into a gigabit society by 2025, where 5G technology is the norm. Parliament is looking through an action plan to roll out 5G across the bloc.

Cross-border portability 01:29 News

Streaming without borders: new rules for online content

Economy - 17.05.2017 17:36

Border checkpoints for Europeans may be a thing of the past, but what about the borders that exist online? A new legislation adopted by the European Parliament allows consumers to take their online content with them wherever they go in the EU.

Surgeons performing surgery with medical devices. 03:33

Medical devices: Better regulation for Europe

Economy - 04.04.2017 10:00

French breast implant manufacturer PIP's decision to put dangerous gels in their products is one example of recent scandals involving medical devices. The European Parliament wants greater scrutiny on the industry. New legislation enforces stricter regulation and encourages innovation. In vitro diagnostic medical devices lead to better treatment and improve the health of EU citizens.