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President Tajani in London 01:16 News

Brexit talks: President Tajani in London

EU affairs - 21.04.2017 10:46

In his first official visit, EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani met with British Prime Minister Theresa May in London to discuss the Brexit conditions set by an overwhelming majority of MEPs earlier this month.

Animation representing Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK. 01:23 News

Red lines on Brexit negotiations

EU affairs - 05.04.2017 14:18

The United Kingdom has begun the formal process to withdraw from the European Union. The European Parliament has identified its red line issues for the negotiations. They include putting citizens' interests first and the UK honouring its commitments to the EU budget. This video provides insight into the Parliament's priorities.

Europe map infographic 01:30 News

EU multiannual budget: Ready for new realities

EU affairs - 28.03.2017 09:00

For the first time, the European Parliament will vote on a revision that will allow the EU's budget to adapt to fast-changing realities. MEPs want more flexibility in the use of funds, especially when emergencies arise.

The signing of the Treaty of Rome. 05:15

Treaty of Rome: 60 year anniversary

EU affairs - 23.03.2017 09:00

It’s important to remember where we came from. After the tragedies of the Second World War, the Treaty of Rome was a key agreement between six countries, which linked their fates through the European Economic Community. On the 60th anniversary of its signing, we look back on how the treaty laid the foundations for Europe and its achievement, which the European Parliament defends.

J.C Juncker 01:39 News

Juncker: "Where are you going, Europe?"

EU affairs - 02.03.2017 10:02

The European Parliament recently adopted a set of three resolutions exploring the future of the European Union. EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker throws five other scenarios into the hat.