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Picture of migrants 01:38 News

Managing migration flows

EU affairs - 21.06.2017 18:57

Europe needs to come up with a more effective strategy in managing migration and tackling the root of the problem: the key message of a high-level conference organised by the European Parliament, that brought together high representatives of the EU and the United nations, as well as international experts and MEPs.

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Blockchain: the future of digital transactions

EU affairs - 11.05.2017 17:35

The Parliament’s office for scientific and technological issues (STOA) joined forces with the European Commission and hosted a workshop on blockchain technology. This new digital storage system could change our lives, or at least, the way we do transactions.

Francesco Fresi sitting in a chair 03:52

Francesco Fresi: Memories of Rome

EU affairs - 08.05.2017 17:00

Have you ever been present at an historic moment? Francesco Fresi is a former EU official, one of the last living witnesses to the signing of the Treaty of Rome. In challenging times, he reminds us of our shared values, which laid the foundations for the European Union we know today.