Repair, re-use and recycle! 01:13

Repair, re-use and recycle!

Others - 09.04.2018 08:56

Parliament wants Europeans to switch to a circular economy by using raw materials more efficiently and reducing waste.

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EU-Turkey: Getting out of the deadlock

Others - 08.02.2018 08:00

For years, Turkey and the EU have cooperated on issues such as trade, migration and NATO. Talks for Turkey to join the EU began in 2005. After an attempted coup d’état in 2016, Turkey imposed a state of emergency, allowing the government to bypass the rule of law and silence political opponents. The EU says that the country can’t join the European Union unless the human rights situation improves. Vice-Chair of the Delegation on EU-Turkey relations Miltiadis Kyrkos explains where talks stand.

EU summit expectations 03:50

EU summit expectations

Others - 16.12.2015 19:00

MEPs Pervenche Béres and Mariya Gabriel discuss their expectations of the European Council that will focus on migration and border control questions, among other issues.

Data protection: Made in Europe 01:24 News

Data protection: Made in Europe

Others - 16.12.2015 18:00

With the shifting techtonics of global technology, Europe is at the cusp of an overhaul of rules aimed at protecting citizens' data privacy.

Seeking asylum in the EU 02:19

Seeking asylum in the EU

Others - 16.12.2015 09:32

What exactly happens when someone applies for asylum in the EU? Find out the definition of an asylum seeker, what their rights and obligations are, and what the process is like.