A man lying on the ground and rubbing his injured head beside a swimming pool. 00:48

European Health Insurance Card: keeping you safe abroad

Society - 06.07.2017 15:55

Maybe it's a ski trip gone wrong or slipping at the swimming pool – everyone has a travel horror story. When travelling in Europe, the European Parliament wants you to have access to the health care you need with the European Health Insurance Card.

Several men and women floating on inflatables in the sea. 01:03

Swimming safely in European waters

Society - 06.07.2017 09:33

Everyone enjoys a refreshing summer swim. The European Parliament believes in keeping Europe's bathing waters clean. This is why the water quality of swimming sites is tested regularly so everyone knows the safest bathing sites in Europe. Enjoy the waves!

A collage of important European women. 02:05

The role of women in Europe’s construction

Society - 27.06.2017 12:54

Women play a major role in the construction and evolution of Europe. In this video, the European Parliament explores the roles of eight extraordinary women in creating the Europe we know today.

Infographics 04:57 News

Portraits of the Erasmus Generation

Society - 13.06.2017 09:24

Christine studied architecture in Athens, Michele went to Budapest - both as Erasmus students. They are part of a generation whose life was shaped by the Erasmus programme.

high legal 01:23 News

Bringing 'legal highs' to a low

Society - 07.06.2017 17:26

New psychoactive substances (NPS) are rapidly proliferating. More than 600 new substances are being monitored, with over 75% detected in the last six years alone. The European Parliament is looking at legislation to better respond to the problem.

Journalist + cookies 00:59 News

Cookies explained

Society - 07.06.2017 14:58

Cookies: pieces of stored data that track your online behaviour. New legislation aims to simplify the process: asking you only once whether you accept cookies or not.

House of European History 01:27 News

The House of European History: a tale like no other

Society - 05.05.2017 16:06

It used to be a place where disadvantaged children could get their teeth checked. It’s now the House of European History, with a permanent exhibit of more than 4,000 square meters on foundational events in Europe’s recent history up to the present day.

Printemps de Prague 01:57 News

"When freedom of the press ends, so does democracy."

Society - 03.05.2017 10:51

MEP Jaromír Štětina is a former journalist who lost his job during the Prague Spring back in 1968. For World Press Freedom Day, he reflects on how crucial freedom of expression is in countering fake news.

Sagrada Familia 01:28 News

European cultural heritage: ties that bind

Society - 21.04.2017 10:00

The European Parliament is voting on making 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage, highlighting the diversity, shared history and rich cultures that make Europe what it is today.

Eggstra fun facts for Easter 01:24 News

Eggstra fun facts for Easter

Society - 12.04.2017 08:53

The EU has about 383 million laying hens producing up to seven million tonnes of eggs a year. How much do you know about eggs and the industry in the EU? Watch the video to find out more.

Fake news banner 01:21 News

Fake News and Hate Speech: How to Fight the War Online?

Society - 06.04.2017 20:29

The European Parliament is worried about hate speech and fake news: should content be removed and fines be imposed? Or the emphasis be placed on teaching people to tell the difference between real sources or fake ones ?