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Consumer Protection

Society - 04.05.2018 10:00

The European Parliament wants to protect consumers in the digital realm: the end of roaming charges and WIFI4EU are examples of its most recent successes. But challenges such as expensive long-distance calling, ePrivacy and online content portability lie ahead.

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Discover EU by train

Society - 04.05.2018 08:00

This summer, based on a proposal by the European Parliament, 15,000 18-year-olds will be receiving a free travel pass to discover Europe by train

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Society - 14.04.2018 08:00

Recent terrorist attacks in the EU have raised concerns about security among European citizens. What needs to be put in place to protect us and enhance our security? What technological measures are already in use, and how can technology further secure our safety? How can we identify common threats and develop a common response?

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Growing trust in the organic boom

Society - 10.04.2018 08:00

The European Parliament is voting on new rules aimed at reinforcing consumer trust in organic farming and protecting from unfair practices. The revised law on organic production and labelling of organic products would go into effect in January 2021.

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Roma week

Society - 09.04.2018 18:00

A series of events hosted by the European Parliament is giving center stage to the Roma community: encompassing exhibitions, conferences, music and a film screening...

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EU cross-border parcel delivery

Society - 13.03.2018 13:03

Prices for cross-border parcel delivery can be inconsistent, arbitrary and confusing. The European Parliament wants all citizens to know what they are paying for. That's why they are passing legislation for more transparency in regards to delivery operators and how much they charge.

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Europass, the passport to mobility for EU citizens

Society - 09.03.2018 08:00

Members of Parliament are to vote on a revision of Europass, a scheme that makes it easier for people’s professional skills to be understood across the EU. They want to update the digital version and make the tool more accessible.

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Improving women’s presence in the media

Society - 05.03.2018 08:00

Gender imbalances continue to exist, not least in the media and Information and Communications Technology sectors. The European Parliament is concerned about the image of women in the media and about the glass ceiling they still encounter

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How much does the EU cost me?

Society - 22.02.2018 15:22

Have you ever wondered how much the EU costs you? It's simple: €0.79 per day. That's less than a stick of gum and less than half a cup of coffee per day. And the best news is that 94% of that money flows right back into EU countries.

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No makeup for animals

Society - 21.02.2018 08:00

Five years have passed since the EU banned cosmetic testing on animals as well as the sale of any products tested on animals. Although European companies have found both ethical and more accurate alternatives, animal testing remains prevalent around the world. Now the EU is ready to make its ban a global export.

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Towards the end of geoblocking in Europe

Society - 02.02.2018 10:21

Tired of being geoblocked when shopping online ? The European Parliament is voting on a new regulation that will almost entirely ban this discrimination across Europe.

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What do I get from the EU?

Society - 31.01.2018 16:01

I get safer food and products. I get cleaner air and water. I get the ability to live and work wherever I want. I get to call home at domestic prices no matter where I am in the EU. I get to pay using one currency in 19 different countries. These are just some of the things I get from the EU.