Editorial charter

  1. The European Parliament has established a web television channel (called 'europarltv') to respond to the right of all citizens to know and understand what is happening in the institution that they have elected. The channel is designed to contribute to the democratisation of the European Union and to the development of a European public space.
  2. The channel shall be governed by the principles of public service to meet informational and educational purposes. It shall be designed to ensure that all aspects of the life of the Parliament are presented in an attractive, credible and professional way.
  3. The channel shall ensure that the plurality of opinion in the European Parliament is reflected, with due respect to the relative strengths of the political groups, in accordance with a neutral, non-partisan editorial policy.
  1. The channel shall be developed in such a way as to reinforce interactivity between the Parliament and European citizens. It shall enable citizens to express their views on the contents of the channel and to contribute to that content.
  2. The overall content and strategic direction of the channel shall be defined on an annual basis in a document to be submitted to the Bureau. The implementation of this framework shall be the responsibility of the services of the Parliament.
  3. The respect of this charter shall be overseen by an Advisory Board, under the authority of the Bureau of the Parliament.
  4. This charter shall be publicly available and published on the internet site of the institution.