About us

EuroparlTV is the European Parliament's web video service, aiming at informing EU citizens about the Parliament's activities and how its Members shape political developments and pass laws that affect people's lives across Europe.

The service includes a mix of news, background and educational videos. EuroparlTV program are available in various formats via an online database and are fully integrated with social media.

Subtitles are available for most videos in all EU’s official languages, and all program are available both in web and broadcast quality.

Anyone with Internet access can watch EuroparlTV online. In addition EuroparlTV’s program are made available by an extensive network of partners, and users can share videos on social media or on their website with the help of embed codes. USB sticks with educational program are also available.

For additional information please use the contact form or Twitter to get in touch with the EuroparlTV team.

Editorial charter

Read about the rules of practice followed by EuroparlTV, according to its mission and principles.

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