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Coming up: The 2017 Sakharov Prize, Brexit, and countering tax evasion

EU affairs - 08.12.2017 15:20

In the year’s final plenary session, the European Parliament awards the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, discusses the progress of Brexit negotiations, and votes on the extension of the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI). Also on the cards is a vote on recommendations for countering money laundering, and a vote on whether to allow phosphates in kebab meat.

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EU Parliament urges a rethink of our farming model

EU affairs - 28.11.2017 15:30

The European Parliament is calling for a gradual phase out of glyphosate, a substance found in common weedkillers and widely used by households and in agriculture. MEPs want a rethink of the farming model to include alternatives such as integrated pest management.

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Coming up: The 2018 budget, kebabs and much more

EU affairs - 24.11.2017 08:00

Parliament is voting on a number of measures to promote the use of renewable energy throughout the European Union and to implement a wide-ranging disability strategy. Up for discussion are the use of phosphates in kebab meat, and next year’s budget.

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5 numbers to take away from Strasbourg

EU affairs - 17.11.2017 08:00

From the Paradise Papers, anti-dumping rules, the protection of consumers online to the 2017 Lux Prize and asylum seekers law, here are the 5 numbers to take away from the plenary.

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Coming up: Children’s rights, artificial intelligence and much more

EU affairs - 17.11.2017 08:00

It’s a busy week ahead as the European Parliament is set to welcome African leaders, a representative from the European Asylum Support Office, and even children to Brussels. Up for discussion are media in the age of artificial intelligence and a renewed push to eliminate violence against women.