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Putting the brakes on car emissions

EU affairs - 19.04.2018 08:00

In the wake of the car emissions scandal, Parliament is changing the rules for vehicle approval and market surveillance tests. This means consumers can trust that the cars they buy meet environmental and safety standards.

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Better energy performance for buildings

EU affairs - 04.04.2018 11:12

The European Parliament set up new goals for member states to ensure that buildings in the EU become energy efficient. Countries will be encouraged to replicate the pioneering experiences of low energy housing tested in Germany or Denmark, among others.

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From budget to tax evasion, 5 numbers to take away from Strasbourg

EU affairs - 16.03.2018 08:00

The new priorities for the next long-term budget of the EU were in the spotlight during this plenary session in Strasbourg, as well as stricter rules to avoid tax evasion, the reaction of MEPs to the promotion of Martin Selmayr, Head of Cabinet for Jean-Claude Juncker, to Secretary General of the European Commission, and much more.

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Backstage of a plenary

EU affairs - 16.03.2018 08:00

Behind the scenes of the plenary sessions of the European Parliament, MEPs have a lot to do: political group meetings, coordinator meetings, committee meetings, delegation meetings, press conferences and interviews. The reason is simple: when they’re not sitting in the hemicycle, they have to prepare the votes and the positions they want to defend.

brexit agreement 02:17 News

The European Parliament and Brexit

EU affairs - 08.03.2018 08:00

How has the European Parliament responded to Brexit? Since Article 50 was triggered in March 2017, the Parliament has set up a steering group and developed guidelines designed to react to the challenges facing both the EU and the UK after Britain leaves the European Union. In the end, Parliament will also give the green light to the final agreement.