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Parliament's first half of 2018 in review

EU affairs - 16.07.2018 08:00

From posted workers and the digital economy to Brexit and the future of Europe, the first half of 2018 has been busy for the European Parliament. Let’s look back at the main topics over the past six months.

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From copyright to defence: 5 numbers to take away from Strasbourg

EU affairs - 06.07.2018 08:00

Members voted not to start negotiations on the update of copyright rules, and will debate and vote them in September's plenary session. The EP approved a new defence fund,strengthened cooperation between Europol and eight countries in North Africa and the Middle East and referred back to the Transport Committee for reconsideration the proposals on the lorry drivers.

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Coming-up in Brussels: From work-life balance to harassment

EU affairs - 06.07.2018 08:00

The Parliament is set to tackle topics on work-life balance for parents and carers, boosting defences against cyber threats, cracking down on sexual harassment, setting up a digital gateway and tackling varying quality and composition of products between countries in the Single Market.

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A new European travel system to improve border controls

EU affairs - 28.06.2018 08:00

A new European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) will beef up EU border controls. Visa-exempt third country nationals will need to apply for travel authorisation before coming to the EU. The application system is designed to be rapid, efficient and easy to complete.

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3D printing: Parliament looking into new technology

EU affairs - 20.06.2018 08:00

With 3D printing growing in popularity, the technology is changing the way businesses operate and the way people work. But with the new production frontier come questions about safety and intellectual property rights that the European Parliament is working to address.

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From seats in Parliament to cyber defence: 5 numbers from Strasbourg

EU affairs - 15.06.2018 08:00

With Brexit looming, the Parliament is set to shrink by 46 seats, the Netherlands’ Prime Minister was the latest leader to debate the Future of Europe, members discussed how to deal with humanitarian emergencies after migrants stranded in the Mediterranean Sea, and they voted to increase cyber security and improve safety in the drone industry.

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Fairer farming in the EU post-2020

EU affairs - 31.05.2018 08:00

Parliament is reforming its EU-wide farming framework: the Common Agricultural Policy. Members have ambitious plans for the reform, from making funding fairer, to giving more support to young and new farmers and struggling regions, and making sure that EU farmers are better equipped to face crises.

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Making the EU a better place to work

EU affairs - 29.05.2018 09:33

The European Parliament is set to vote on new legislation that will allow posted workers to receive equal rights and equal pay while temporarily working in other EU countries.