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  • 5 numbers 01:00 News

    From Facebook to Syria: 5 numbers to take away from Strasbourg

    EU affairs - 20-04-2018 10:00

    The future of Europe was at the heart of the debate with the French president during this plenary session. Personal data, the 2016 budget, new legislation on the circular economy and the use of chemical weapons in Syria were also on the plenary’s agenda.

  • Coming up in Brussels 00:54 News

    Coming up: posted workers, the digital economy's challenges and more

    EU affairs - 20-04-2018 08:00

    MEPs look into the compromise found with EU governments on the labour conditions of posted workers. A conference on shaping our digital future, how to make culture more accessible, and tackling fraud with secondhand cars are also on the agenda.

  • car emission 01:20 News

    Putting the brakes on car emissions

    EU affairs - 19-04-2018 08:00

    In the wake of the car emissions scandal, Parliament is changing the rules for vehicle approval and market surveillance tests. This means consumers can trust that the cars they buy meet environmental and safety standards.

  • Armed soldiers walk through an airport 04:49


    Society - 14-04-2018 08:00

    Recent terrorist attacks in the EU have raised concerns about security among European citizens. What needs to be put in place to protect us and enhance our security? What technological measures are already in use, and how can technology further secure our safety? How can we identify common threats and develop a common response?


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