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More solidarity on gas supply

Economy -

The European Parliament is finalising a new regulation to safeguard the security of gas supply to the EU. Member States facing severe gas shortages will be able to count on help from neighbouring countries under new solidarity rules.

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Wifi for all: filling the gap

Society -

As the EU moves towards building a truly digital society, bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas is crucial. The WiFi4EU scheme aims to bring high-quality, free internet connection to thousands of local communities.

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Common goals: The Energy Union

World -

What does your energy source mean to you? Perhaps more pertinently, what will it mean to your children? Air pollution and unpredictable fuel prices plague Europe - action must be taken. The European Union is working to bring change. Cooperatives like Ecopower exemplify the EU's switch from fossil and nuclear fuel to renewable energy. They help us realise the EU's pledge to cut greenhouse gases and create a coordinated Energy Union.

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Common goals: The social dimension

Society -

Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges in some EU countries. Like Portugal for example. Sérgio Oliveira manages an employment scheme which helps young people to find work. The EU is supporting projects like this, as well as introducing a European Pillar of Social Rights to integrate these issues into its core values. With more funding to social schemes like Sérgio's, the EU will be able to improve the lives of more citizens.

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