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Refugee integration: Transcending borders

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Welcoming refugees is not only a matter of asylum procedures or providing the international protection needed, it is also a matter of helping people find a place in our society. Integration can also bring so many cultural and economic benefits to host countries. There's many inspirational refugee stories all across Europe. It might involve cricketers in France, interpreters in Germany or award winning photographers in Italy. The EU is built on unity through diversity, but it's up to Member States to decide whether to allow refugees into their countries.

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The Future of Europe: Making the most of the Treaty of Lisbon (Elmar Brok)

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The European Parliament has adopted a set of three resolutions exploring the future development of the European Union. One of the rapporteurs, Elmar Brok, urges the EU to take full advantage of the Treaty of Lisbon, whose political potential has not yet been fully tapped. The EU should move towards more transparency for instance and a common defence policy.

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