President of the European Parliament 01:00

Representing you: President of the European Parliament

EU affairs -

You've probably seen the President of the European Parliament on the news, but people always want to know more about the role. How does someone even become President? What are the President's responsibilities? How does the presidential elections relate to your vote?

Political groups with their chair, vice-chair and secretariat. 00:58

Between party lines: Political groups

EU affairs -

If you invite 751 people to a party, you need to find the best way to organise it. Or you could do what the European Parliament does and have eight different parties! The Parliament's 751 members and the groups they belong to represent views across the European Union’s political spectrum. This short animation explains how these political groups are set up and what their MEPs do.

The bureau 00:56

Investigating the bureau: A European Parliament body

Economy -

The bureau is involved in the financial, administrative and organisational matters of the European Parliament. And yet, I bet you still feel like you don't know enough about it. Who is part of the bureau? And what exactly are they responsible for? This animation demystifies an influential wing of the European project.

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