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  • The signing of the Treaty of Rome. 05:15

    Treaty of Rome: 60 year anniversary

    EU affairs - 23-03-2017 09:00

    It’s important to remember where we came from. After the tragedies of the Second World War, the Treaty of Rome was a key agreement between six countries, which linked their fates through the European Economic Community. On the 60th anniversary of its signing, we look back on how the treaty laid the foundations for Europe and its achievement, which the European Parliament defends.

  • Protest in the street 01:28 News

    The human cost of fast fashion: the case for a binding framework

    World - 23-03-2017 09:00

    The European Parliament’s Development Committee wants rules that force companies and subcontractors to respect the human, labour and social rights of their textile workers.

  • Erdogan poster in Turkey 01:20 News

    EU-Turkey relations turn icy

    World - 22-03-2017 09:00

    Weeks ahead of a referendum consolidating President Erdogan's powers, tensions are running high between Turkey and the EU.

  • Two miners wearing torches and sitting on the mine floor. 04:23

    Conflict minerals: The truth behind your smartphone

    Economy - 17-03-2017 10:02

    We all use electronic devices like mobile phones, but where do the materials that make them come from? Tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold are the four most common 'conflict minerals', known collectively as 3TGs. Their mining causes insecurity and human rights abuses in many regions. Armed groups clash over their illegal trade. Fairphone is one manufacturer which takes responsibility to ensure its supply chains extract minerals lawfully. The European Parliament is pushing for more transparency in supply chains through mandatory OECD due diligence systems.


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