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Italy Special: Keeping Italy Competitive

Others - 17.03.2011 - 16:12

Italy is celebrating 150 years of unification, but how competitive is this young nation? To beat the crisis, its SMEs must become more dynamic and focus on quality.

Made in Italy

Others - 30.03.2010 - 08:58

Italian fashion enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality and style. However, products originating from elsewhere and receiving finishing touches in Italy can also carry the label 'Made in Italy'. Couturiers hopes the EU can put a stop to this.

Antonio Tajani

Others - 11.02.2015 - 12:43

A profile of a Vice-President of the European Parliament

Sandro Gozi: Flexibility the key to growth

Others - 23.07.2014 - 18:12

Secretary of State for European Affairs for Italy Sandro Gozi, calls for determined political action from Europe in Gaza and an end to rigid austerity.

7 Days: Spotlight on Italy

Others - 02.12.2011 - 00:00

Sergio Cofferati analyses the crisis in Europe, especially the options open to Italy, and Rosario Crocetta examines the mafias' reach in Europe.

The News: Freedom of the press in Italy

Others - 08.10.2009 - 17:19

Is it a matter for Italians only, or something for all Europeans to discuss, even legislate on? MEP Mario Mauro, member of the ruling party in Italy, weighs up the question.

Xylella fastidiosa: how to eradicate the olive tree killer?

Others - 21.05.2015 - 15:30

MEPs have called for more research and inspections to combat and prevent the further spread of the bacteria that has caused harm to an estimated 35000 olive trees in southern Italy.

Hangout: How will Europe help Italy to revive growth?

Others - 07.04.2014 - 12:11

With high debt, entrepreneurs in despair and moves towards independence in Veneto, what kind of Europe and leadership does a flagging Italy need? Our panel debates.