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EU in Libya / Passenger ship safety / Bailout tools

Others - 24.04.2012 - 17:02

MEPs hear from the EU's new ambassador to Libya, scrutinise financial bailout instruments and review passenger safety on ships.

A-Z: S for Sea

Others - 21.03.2011 - 11:34

Single-hull oil tankers will soon be banned and waste ships are under close surveillance. The EU has toughened up safety rules to prevent accidents and pollution in Europe's waters.

Prism / Ship recycling / Tobacco

Others - 11.07.2013 - 19:11

MEPs to launch inquiry into US spying, and vote on controversial plans to dismantle toxic ships outside the EU and on the Tobacco Products Directive.

Floating toxic scourge

Others - 26.03.2013 - 18:53

MEPs approve beefing up measures to end the overseas export of obsolete ships laden with toxic materials.

7 Days: Eurozone debt crisis - Maritime safety

Others - 10.02.2012 - 00:00

Miguel Portas is critical of the euro and the budgetary pact. Nathalie Griesbeck calls for measures to improve passenger safety after the Costa Concordia disaster.

Reporter: How safe are cruise liners?

Others - 09.02.2012 - 00:00

After the Costa Concordia disaster, EuroparlTV went aboard the Costa Serena to investigate if the safety procedures and training in place are up to standard.

The News: Costa Concordia spurs maritime safety rethink

Others - 25.01.2012 - 17:00

The stricken cruise ship dominated last week's headlines and many blamed the accident on the captain's reckless behaviour. But is it really that simple?