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Putting the brakes on car emissions

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In the wake of the car emissions scandal, Parliament is changing the rules for vehicle approval and market surveillance tests. This means consumers can trust that the cars they buy meet environmental and safety standards.

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Human Rights

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The European Union was founded on principles of human rights and freedom of expression. That's why the European Parliament supports countries like Tunisia in their ongoing efforts towards democracy. This support comes in the form of legal and political action including the Sakharov Prize and the Sakharov Fellowship. Meet Asma Kaouech, a Tunisian activist and Sakharov fellow, who tells us her story.

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Climate Change

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Climate change is the primary challenge our generation will face, and the European Union has the power to do something about it, but what? The Baltic region is the European area most at risk of climate change, facing heatwaves, torrential rain and rising sea levels. This video explores how the Gdansk region of Poland is dealing with these issues with help from the EU.

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Boosting growth and jobs in the EU

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Small and medium-sized enterprises - SMEs - are the engine of Europe's economy. The European Parliament wants to ensure stable growth in the EU by creating a supportive environment for SMEs. Meet Arnaud and Geraldine, who own a small furniture business in France.

A graveyard of abandoned boats. 04:13


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Over 180,000 migrants landed on the island of Lampedusa in 2016 alone. For years, migration has challenged MEPs as much as European citizens, for whom it has become a major concern. Meet the citizens of Lampedusa - fishermen, a doctor and an artist - and see how the migrant crisis has affected them.

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