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Eurobarometer 2018: Record support for EU

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This year’s Eurobarometer gave more than 27,000 Europeans the chance to share exactly what’s on their mind. Their views help create a snapshot of Europe today and produce a glimpse of what is needed in the future.

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Ecodesign: the EU is pushing for greener solutions

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The European Parliament’s Ecodesign Working Plan aims to make products from mobile phones to fridges last longer and perform better. Part of the EU’s Circular Economy Package, Ecodesign benefits consumers while preparing Europe for a sustainable future.

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Consumer Protection

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The European Parliament wants to protect consumers in the digital realm: the end of roaming charges and WIFI4EU are examples of its most recent successes. But challenges such as expensive long-distance calling, ePrivacy and online content portability lie ahead.

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Recent terrorist attacks in the EU have raised concerns about security among European citizens. What needs to be put in place to protect us and enhance our security? What technological measures are already in use, and how can technology further secure our safety? How can we identify common threats and develop a common response?

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Boosting growth and jobs in the EU

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Small and medium-sized enterprises - SMEs - are the engine of Europe's economy. The European Parliament wants to ensure stable growth in the EU by creating a supportive environment for SMEs. Meet Arnaud and Geraldine, who own a small furniture business in France.

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Over 180,000 migrants landed on the island of Lampedusa in 2016 alone. For years, migration has challenged MEPs as much as European citizens, for whom it has become a major concern. Meet the citizens of Lampedusa - fishermen, a doctor and an artist - and see how the migrant crisis has affected them.

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