• September 2018

  • August 2018

    European Solidarity Corps 01:30

    European Solidarity Corps

    EU affairs - 20.08.2018 08:00

    The European Solidarity Corps is a new initiative that will bring together young Europeans to help others across the EU. Parliament pushed to have fresh funds allocated to the Solidarity Corps. Additional activities like environmental protection and helping migrants are also set to become part of the programme.

  • June 2018

    Thumbnail 01:44

    Celebrating Europe’s cultural heritage

    Society - 27.06.2018 12:00

    To celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the European Parliament hosted a conference gathering political leaders, policy makers and artists. They discussed how to preserve and promote cultural heritage and the economic potential it has.

  • April 2018

    roma 01:09

    Roma week

    Society - 09.04.2018 18:00

    A series of events hosted by the European Parliament is giving center stage to the Roma community: encompassing exhibitions, conferences, music and a film screening...

  • January 2018

    Girl watching sunset over the Colosseum in Rome. 00:39

    What do I get from the EU?

    Society - 31.01.2018 16:01

    I get safer food and products. I get cleaner air and water. I get the ability to live and work wherever I want. I get to call home at domestic prices no matter where I am in the EU. I get to pay using one currency in 19 different countries. These are just some of the things I get from the EU.

    A kaleidoscope of EU citizens. 00:37

    What is the EU?

    Society - 31.01.2018 16:00

    The EU is a political and economic union made up of 28 member states. Its citizens share a currency, a single market and common history and culture.

    We see a scientist, a retired man, a family and a student. 00:35

    What has the EU ever done for me?

    Society - 31.01.2018 15:58

    What does the EU do for us? It makes sure our food and products are safe. It connects Europe with safe infrastructure that makes travel cheaper and easier. The single market gives job opportunities to millions of EU citizens. And calling home from any EU country is now cheaper than ever. Not bad, right?

    Sagrada Familia 01:28

    European cultural heritage: ties that bind

    Society - 10.01.2018 15:30

    The European Union has made 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage, highlighting the diversity, shared history and rich cultures that make Europe what it is today.

    Group of European chefs cook together. 00:45

    Free Movement of Workers

    Society - 09.01.2018 13:55

    Freedom of movement, one of the EU’s founding principles, gives people the right to live and work anywhere in the EU.

  • December 2017

    Barbed wire with Tunisian flag 03:28

    Human Rights

    Society - 05.12.2017 11:08

    The European Union was founded on principles of human rights and freedom of expression. That's why the European Parliament supports countries like Tunisia in their ongoing efforts towards democracy. This support comes in the form of legal and political action including the Sakharov Prize and the Sakharov Fellowship. Meet Asma Kaouech, a Tunisian activist and Sakharov fellow, who tells us her story.

  • November 2017

    camera 01:26

    Artificial intelligence: a new media age

    Society - 22.11.2017 10:00

    Artificial intelligence can be used to create information and to counter fake news. But what are the challenges and opportunities within that? That question was at the heart of the annual science lecture of the Parliament’s scientific body (Science and Technlogy Options Assessment – STOA).

    THUMBNAIL 01:00

    5 numbers to take away from Strasbourg

    EU affairs - 17.11.2017 08:00

    From the Paradise Papers, anti-dumping rules, the protection of consumers online to the 2017 Lux Prize and asylum seekers law, here are the 5 numbers to take away from the plenary.

    Actresses 02:01

    Lux Prize 2017 winner "Sámi Blood": a film "also about being young"

    Society - 14.11.2017 15:00

    Lene Cecilia Sparrok and Mia Sparrok, the main actresses of Amanda Kernell’s "Sámi Blood", received the 2017 LUX Prize for this touching tale of a young Sámi girl who dreams of a different life. While describing the harsh history of the Sámi people, the film is not just about Sami but also about being young“, they told in an interview.