Economy policies

  • February 2017

    Justin Trudeau 01:28

    Thumbs up for barrier-free trade with Canada

    Economy - 15.02.2017 13:21

    The European Parliament has approved the historic Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), clearing one of its last hurdles. Seven years in the making, the deal is set to ease trade barriers between Canada and the EU, and remains to be ratified by national parliaments.

    Manufacture 02:06

    MEPs push for carbon trading reform

    Economy - 14.02.2017 17:34

    The European cap-and-trade system is the first of its kind in the world to tackle carbon emissions with free market tools...and it direly needs an update. Ian Duncan, the Parliament’s rapporteur on the project, is spearheading negotiations for urgent reforms.

    woman at work 01:27

    Closing Europe's gender gap

    Society - 06.02.2017 08:00

    The EU is only halfway towards achieving gender equality and progress has been slow, with only marginal improvement over the last decade. MEPs are pushing for a string of actions to finally close the gender gap. 

    Three wind turbines in a field 01:45

    Common goals: The Energy Union

    World - 01.02.2017 19:12

    What does your energy source mean to you? Perhaps more pertinently, what will it mean to your children? Air pollution and unpredictable fuel prices plague Europe - action must be taken. The European Union is working to bring change. Cooperatives like Ecopower exemplify the EU's switch from fossil and nuclear fuel to renewable energy. They help us realise the EU's pledge to cut greenhouse gases and create a coordinated Energy Union.

    Mexican migrant Montserrat. 02:42

    Common goals: Migration

    Economy - 01.02.2017 19:12

    The refugee crisis highlights differing opinions to migration among Member States. The European Union is working to fairly distribute refugees across Europe. Migration is important to the EU's economic future. Just ask Mexican migrant Montserrat, who came from Mexico to work in Germany through the EU Blue Card scheme.

    Group of young people standing around a table and having a meeting. 03:08

    Common goals: The social dimension

    Society - 01.02.2017 19:12

    Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges in some EU countries. Like Portugal for example. Sérgio Oliveira manages an employment scheme which helps young people to find work. The EU is supporting projects like this, as well as introducing a European Pillar of Social Rights to integrate these issues into its core values. With more funding to social schemes like Sérgio's, the EU will be able to improve the lives of more citizens.

    A builder hammering a nail into wood on a construction site 01:53

    Common goals: Jobs, growth and investment

    EU affairs - 01.02.2017 19:11

    You work a middle income job, live in a small shared apartment and take two buses to get to work. Sound familiar to anyone? SNI Group is a French social housing provider, which builds affordable rental units in areas with housing shortages. The European Fund for Strategic Investment is investing €21 billion in projects like SNI Group, to create jobs and stimulate growth across Europe.

    Animated graphic of data shooting across Europe and the world 02:06

    Common goals: Digital Single Market

    World - 01.02.2017 19:11

    Have you ever been stopped from buying something online because of your location? Geo-blocking limits sales to customers in particular countries - not very convenient if you see a scarf you like from another country online. Inspired by the success of the single market, the European Union is creating a Digital Single Market, which will eliminate geo-blocking and improve online activity across Europe for all citizens.