Human rights

  • April 2018

    Migrants 01:30

    Towards a more just and simple asylum system

    EU affairs - 25.04.2018 15:00

    In an interview, rapporteur Laura Ferrara explains how the limits of the European asylum system were tested following the influx of migrants, and how new reforms aim to improve procedures while increasing rights.

    roma 01:09

    Roma week

    Society - 09.04.2018 18:00

    A series of events hosted by the European Parliament is giving center stage to the Roma community: encompassing exhibitions, conferences, music and a film screening...

  • March 2018

  • February 2018

    thumbnail 01:30

    EU-Turkey: Getting out of the deadlock

    Others - 08.02.2018 08:00

    For years, Turkey and the EU have cooperated on issues such as trade, migration and NATO. Talks for Turkey to join the EU began in 2005. After an attempted coup d’état in 2016, Turkey imposed a state of emergency, allowing the government to bypass the rule of law and silence political opponents. The EU says that the country can’t join the European Union unless the human rights situation improves. Vice-Chair of the Delegation on EU-Turkey relations Miltiadis Kyrkos explains where talks stand.

  • January 2018

    Woman thumbnail 01:11

    Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation

    Society - 25.01.2018 08:00

    A resolution of the European Parliament calls for zero tolerance for female genital mutilation, affecting 140 million women worldwide and an estimated 500,000 women in the EU alone.

    Chained hands and a man with bound wrists. 01:42

    Human Trafficking

    Society - 23.01.2018 16:22

    Human trafficking is the forcible exploitation of a person against their will. Not only is it one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, but 15,846 victims were registered in the EU between 2013 and 2014, and 71% of the victims were women and girls. With the migration crisis ongoing, Parliament continues to prioritise the fight against human trafficking.

  • December 2017

    Sakharov prize 01:35

    Venezuela’s democratic opposition is awarded Sakharov Prize 2017

    World - 13.12.2017 14:30

    The 2017 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of thought has been awarded to all political prisoners in Venezuela and the democratic opposition, represented by the president of its National Assembly Julio Borges. “This award is a recognition for every Venezuelan”, said Julio Borges while receiving the Prize in Strasbourg. The Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, named in honour of the Soviet physicist and political dissident Andrei Sakharov, is awarded each year by the European Parliament.

    Venezuela 04:16

    Sakharov Prize 2017: Venezuela’s opposition in a crisis-struck country

    World - 08.12.2017 09:00

    Venezuela is facing an economic and political crisis. The country's political opposition is fighting every day to regain freedom. The European Parliament awarded the 2017 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to all political prisoners in Venezuela and the democratic opposition, represented by the president of its National Assembly Julio Borges.

    Barbed wire with Tunisian flag 03:28

    Human Rights

    Society - 05.12.2017 11:08

    The European Union was founded on principles of human rights and freedom of expression. That's why the European Parliament supports countries like Tunisia in their ongoing efforts towards democracy. This support comes in the form of legal and political action including the Sakharov Prize and the Sakharov Fellowship. Meet Asma Kaouech, a Tunisian activist and Sakharov fellow, who tells us her story.

  • November 2017

    STEVENS 01:37

    Disabilities in the EU: long road to equality

    Society - 29.11.2017 08:00

    To ensure people with disabilities have equal representation and opportunities in society and in the workplace, the European Parliament is looking to further the EU-wide Disability Strategy, tackling issues such as gender equality, poverty and discrimination. MEP Helga Stevens has long been involved in the fight for the rights of people with disabilities. She argues that more can be done for the disabled in terms of representation and inclusiveness.

    Thumbnail 00:59

    Coming up: Children’s rights, artificial intelligence and much more

    EU affairs - 17.11.2017 08:00

    It’s a busy week ahead as the European Parliament is set to welcome African leaders, a representative from the European Asylum Support Office, and even children to Brussels. Up for discussion are media in the age of artificial intelligence and a renewed push to eliminate violence against women.